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Increase in gas attack robberies.....

Caravaners robbed after gas attack....

Lorry-jacking blamed on gas attack....

Sales increase in gas detection systems by logistic companies....

More people are turning to gas attack detection for security and peace of mind....

Lon distance drives loosing sleep over gas attack....



 WARNING! Gas Attack! Don't be a victim!

 From The Sunday Sun!
Motorhomes and Truckers have been warned of a new hi-jacking craze where it's believed that victims are gassed before having their vehicles ransacked. This new dangerous craze has not just been limited to motor homes, caravans, boats and trucks but also homes. Anyone involved in this type of leisure or work activity needs to be protected.

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 Don't Have Sleepless Nights - Get a KombiAlarm

With gas attacks on the increase internationally, reliable gas alarms for motorhomes, caravans, boats, trucks and homes are essential. Although this new threat is yet to be highlighted in the news it has certainly having a serious impact.

If you use a caravan, mobile home, boat or drive a truck then we strongly recommend you protect yourself from KO (narcotic gas attacks). Ether based gases are readily available for other purposes from local motorist accessory shops and hardware stores and are sold of the shelf.

 Gas Attack! Don't be a victim!

HMC is your one-stop solution to proving you with quick easy solutions at a competitive price.

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Remember, DON'T BE A VICTIM!

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